100% Femme Owned & Operated

100% Femme Owned & Operated

About Us


Pink Champagne Entertainment

Established in 2015, Pink Champagne Entertainment (formerly The Pink Champagne Girls) is a 100% femme-owned and operated business that provides exotic dance/adult entertainment services throughout the province of Saskatchewan. Our owners are two female exotic dancers who worked their way up through the industry in surrounding provinces and decided it was time to create an agency that promotes dancer care and safety above the bottom dollar. Due to this fresh approach, which we feel is LONG overdue in this primarily male dominated industry, we are able to provide a level of care and support to our entertainers that allows them to shine their brightest and thrive in a safe, secure, respectful environment. This in turn allows us to provide the best shows available province-wide to our ever growing and fiercely supportive fanbase.

We cater to a wide variety of events and provide an adult entertainment experience like no other. We attribute this to the elevated way in which we care for and respect our entertainers, our clientele and our communities, and how we present ourselves in both professional and party atmospheres. Beyond that, we owe our steadily growing success to our 100% local roster of talented professionals.
Our services include:● Private parties (stag/stagette, birthdays etc.)● Bar shows (SLGA compliant)● Go-go dancing● Body-shot girls● Topless/lingerie serving● Modelling
Our services DO NOT include Full-service sex work.
We at Pink Champagne Entertainment also want to state that we understand and sympathize with the thoughts and intentions behind the push back from our local communities in regard to a fully legal exotic dancing law. Although Pink Champagne Entertainment is here to revolutionize and elevate the industry with a new standard of how all exotic dance entertainers are treated, we aren’t blind to the many factors that surround this industry in so many places that are anything but positive. Namely organized crime. We absolutely DO NOT affiliate with any organized crime groups; we do not employ full-service sex workers. Beyond that, we actively participate in an ongoing company-wide pledge to our community to uphold this without question, which we can state confidently due to our focus always being on the artistry, and not the bottom dollar. 
Pink Champagne Entertainment is here to make extreme, necessary and long overdue change for all those in the industry currently experiencing the aforementioned mistreatment. Our mission is to elevate this industry. Affiliation with organized crime/allowing of full-service sex work is strictly prohibited within our company for a reason. These factors directly work against the elevation we so passionately want, and this industry so desperately needs. Thanks for taking a moment from perusing our Gods and Goddesses to learn about us, our values/motivations and what we offer that sets us apart from the rest. 💋

*We do not offer "full service" options or escorts. 

While Pink Champagne Entertainment is a very sex positive company, we DO NOT personally employ or promote any full service sex workers.